4 Cylinder Cars

If you are planning to buy a car in the near future, obviously you would pay attention to the style and appearance of the car. However, it would be a great mistake on your part if you have neglected the quality of your engine. It would be wise to make a thorough survey about the price and fuel usage per mile to estimate whether you can afford it or not. If you desire to purchase a car that would provide you more mileage per gallon of fuel, it is a good decision to select from the best 4 Cylinder Cars for you.

Benefits of selecting the car

It is worth to mention that four cylinder cars not only save your money for their fuel efficiency, but also help to save the valuable natural source of energy in the long run. Moreover, it also causes less pollution in comparison to other cars. With the passage of time and the advent of newer technology, buyers all around the world tend to buy the latest models of the best 4cylinder automobiles.

4 Cylinder Cars

Change in scenario

Research over the years enables it to gain some exclusive, advanced features that in turn play a vital role to increase the popularity of the engine. Like several other technological advancements, constant experimentation improves the condition of four cylinder engines to a surprising extent. In comparison to the engines of a decade ago, they are now more cost efficient as well as more powerful. However, it is worth to mention here that this is applicable for all types of engines.

Advanced technology

Individuals of the previous generation tend to avoid this car in spite of its cost effectiveness because, in most cases, they produce a buzzing that is certainly irritating. However, incorporation of advanced technologies in its engine prevents the unwanted noise in these vehicles. In addition to this, this also puts an end to the harshness that includes engine mounts, counterbalance shafts, improved sound numbing, and refined combustion controls.

It is evident that modern engines of this type are far more powerful and smooth than their ancestors. It is because of the fact that, in many cases, this engine is incorporated with advanced technologies including direct injection and turbochargers that increase the strength of its engine to a high degree. It is even sometimes better than the 6 cylinder engine in both fuel efficiency and horsepower.

In addition to this, use of advanced technology also improves the acceleration power of cars in comparison to the older versions that lack proper acceleration. The Toyota Tacoma and Ford Fusion are some of the most preferred cars that contain a four cylinder engine.

Role of Pistons

The engine is designed in such a way that the pistons move down sleeves of cylinders in order to open the valve. This valve allows the air as well as the fuel to enter in the chamber of the cylinders, and the rising pistons compress the air. The pistons are designed in a way that the rising of one pair of pistons allows the other pair to fall. Pistons, in a complicated process, let the wheels move. Therefore, it is clear that the piston is that part of an engine that converts the fuel into motion.

In engines with four cylinders, four pistons are working swiftly in four chambers. It is a perfect choice for not only small cars and light-weighted vehicles, but also SUVs.

Increase horsepower

You can also increase the horsepower of a 4 cylinder car by following simple methods. There are several ways to execute this. The most effective way to do this is to clean the dirt off the car that would result in a decrease in the weight of the car, and an increase in horsepower. Another efficient way to increase its horsepower is to clean out the air intake of the engine. You can even install a high flow air filter but ensure that it is from a renowned brand.


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